Disruption is the most powerful way to build iconic brands. It is a method and a set of tools, created, copyrighted and continually developed by TBWA.

Disruption drives growth

Disruption works on many levels. When focused on the experience or the execution, it creates distinction and memorability. But its real superpower is in shaping long-term platforms. They are the springboards for creativity and sustained business success.

Disruption is not destruction; it’s creation. It’s the antidote to incrementalism. From its outset, our Disruption® methodology has always been about business transformation.

Disruption works in Finland, in the Nordics and around the world

The foundation of a disruption platform is research, data and cultural relevance. The same methodology and tools are used locally here in Finland, across the Nordics, and in the over 300 agencies we around the world. We can build you a team with a set of skills that helps you succeed anywhere. 

Disruption needs diversity

In fact, Disruption dies on the vine without it. Central to the idea of challenging convention is the rejection of sameness, of the expected. A range of diverse perspectives makes that kind of thinking and acting possible.

The magic of Disruption workshops

One of the ways we practice Disruption is through Disruption workshops. These collaborative sessions bring partners and specialists together to solve a company’s most pressing challenges, through a simple yet rich methodology.

Disruption helps our clients strengthen their brands in Finland, in the Nordics and all over the World.

Sami Tikkanen,
President TBWA\Nordics,
CEO TBWA\Helsinki