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World’s first real-time hyperlocal outdoor campaign triggered by an actual emergency call
Outdoor advertising is often regarded as a traditional and slow media, although each bus stop has its own location on the map. With these addresses, we utilized outdoor advertising and media planning like never before: the world’s first real-time hyperlocal outdoor campaign that was triggered by an actual emergency call.

Right after the domestic call had been made, the outdoor posters appeared in the streets near the crime scene for the next 48 hours. During the day the posters appeared as an interior design photo and a filtered selfie, but in the evening the lights changed the images into a forensic crime scene photo and a raw evidence photo.

The aim of the reactive outdoor posters was to make people realize that domestic violence is happening in their neighborhood right now and encourage them to report it more actively. Our goal was to use outdoor media in a totally new and innovative way to create discussion around a very important issue.