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Changing the way Romani people are treated in working life
Diak wanted to draw attention to the discrimination of Romani people in working life. Brave solutions were needed to open the public discussion.

Four well-known Finns, Tuomas Enbuske, Anne Kukkohovi, Meri-Tuuli Väntsi and Jari Sarasvuo were invited to apply to over 50 jobs with a typical Romani name but with their own resumes. Despite their impressive CVs, none of them got invited to a job interview.

Through revealing the difficulties participants faced, the campaign managed to raise a wide discussion around the topic. The campaign became the most popular topic on Twitter. The discussion continued on social media, newspapers and most importantly, on the recruiting tables. And soon Finland’s biggest employers (Helsinki, Vantaa, S-Group and Kesko) announced that they will explore anonymous recruitment.


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