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The Waiting Dog became the pet of the whole nation
In December 2017, pet supplies retailer Musti & Mirri opened a new store in the center of Helsinki. During the busiest weeks of Holiday season, increasing people’s awareness of the new store was easier said than done. Luckily, there were four stone men on the other side of the street, ready to play ball.

The Waiting Dog, a statue of a dog eagerly waiting for the stone men to play with him, was born. It immediately caught the attention of by-passers and spread on social media. When the city hall raised concerns about the statue’s visibility on a crowded street, the dog was suited with a reflective vest, making him detectable to stressed-out Christmas shoppers.

The campaign earned some proper love in the media, scoring a reach of 6 million and an earned media of 260 000 euros. In addition, it had the best possible turnout for Musti & Mirri, as December 2017 became one of the highest selling months in the brand’s history. Most importantly, the Waiting Dog became the pet of the whole nation.