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The truth may be ugly, but it will never go out of style
The media’s responsibility is to tell the truth, no matter how ugly it is. In terms of news, 2018 was as ugly as they come. The stream of bad news was so strong that even the most important topics lost their significance. Furthermore, the approaching holiday season and its sugar coating made it easy to forget many painful, yet important matters.

Things look different in new contexts. The ugly Christmas sweater trend offered us a medium to bring up the year’s most important topics in an interesting manner. Thus, these issues took an unmissable and understandable form: ugly sweaters with ugly topics.

We designed a batch of Christmas sweaters that depicted the year’s ugliest news. The woollen shirts were locally produced and sent to people who seek solutions to the problems. The shirts were accompanied by a set of articles and a multimedia campaign, and a limited collection, which sold out in hours.

The truth may be ugly, but it will never go out of style.


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