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Men of Rock became Finland’s most covered campaign – ever
The Men of Rock, four granite statues at Helsinki Railway Station, are not only the city’s most central sight, but also the widely recognized brand symbol of VR (Finnish Railways). Upon learning that another group of “men of rock” were coming to town, VR reacted immediately.

VR invited KISS fans to paint replicas of the band’s masks for the Men of Rock. The stunt was covered by Finland’s two biggest tv news programs, all ten of the biggest newspapers and all major radio stations – causing the news about it to spread overnight.

Soon, as news about the stunt began to spread in international medias, KISS turned up at the Railway Station to take selfies with the statues and greet the painters. With 165 news articles and 7 000 000 € worth earned media (200*campaign costs), the Men of Rock became the most covered brand campaign in Finland, ever.