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Data and information as capital – does knowledge equal understanding?
These were the central questions reflected upon by Helsingin Sanomat – the biggest newspaper in Finland – as they contemplated their role within the growingly digitalized society with their latest ads.

Today, information is abundant – but understanding is sparse. Whenever we want to understand something, data is offered as the explicit answer. It is a hard, cold and mechanical approach. However, there are some things that artificial intelligence cannot explain. It cannot convey how for example war or inequality feel, because explaining these emotions requires empathy and humane understanding.

To truly understand we also need to feel – and above all, be empathetic. And something as inhumane as data cannot generate empathy. Fortunately, Helsingin Sanomat investigates, scrutinizes, and finally conveys the information to us with feeling – and as feelings. As an understanding. This is the sentiment we wanted to depict with these films.