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Murder on the Orient Express in real life – a 13-hour escape room game on a moving train
In the fall of 2017, a classic night train story was making a comeback to the cinemas, with the release of the hit film Murder on the Orient Express. Whilst the anticipation of the new film was running high, Finnish Railways partnered with 20th Century Fox and InsideOut Escape games to bring the fictional murder mystery to life in the form of the world’s most ambitious escape room ever

The 13-hour game was set on a speeding night train, travelling 1000 km across the country, from Helsinki to Rovaniemi. It featured 152 puzzles (both onboard and at stations) and 18 professional actors, cast as the movie’s characters. The entire game was live-streamed and viewers could vote for real-time plot twists online.

Generated by TBWA\Helsinki, The Escape Train became Finland’s most watched web-TV program on its airing week, gaining more viewers than the actual movie.