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World's first loyalty program for dogs
All dog food brands and stores claim they're there for dogs and for dogs only. When in fact... they’re not. They're targeting their communication towards the human sidekicks. It was high time to turn the tables around. That’s why we launched Biscuit – the very first customer loyalty program for dogs.

Biscuit is a small smart device that utilizes RFID technology to provide dogs a tailored, five star in-store experience, based on their individual data. Biscuit utilizes RFID technology to create and recognize individual dog data, from their name and birthday, all the way to their favorite treat and shopping history.

Providing superior customer experiences has always been the cornerstone of the Musti & Mirri brand. When a Biscuit wearing dog walks into a store, RFID sensors recognize the device, allowing the staff to give their four-legged customer personalized service.