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Ville Ohtonen is a Creative Director at TBWA\Helsinki who previously worked as a Copywriter and Creative within the agency.

Ville never really dreamed of working in advertising. After completing his master’s degree in history, his initial plan was to pursue a career in culture. However, the advertising industry drew him in. The diversity of the job impressed him: a wide range of customers meant that Ville had to look at the world from the perspective of a CEO, a teenager and a senior during the same day. When he started working in marketing, the opportunity to learn something new every day inspired Ville the most and after several years of working in the industry, it still has the same effect.

Ville is a football enthusiast whose leadership style similar to that of a skillful coach. According to Ville, it is extremely important to create a suitable strategy for every team, which allows each player to develop further in their role. A winning team needs scorers as much as it needs playmakers.

One of Ville’s all time favourite projects is the Men of Rock -campaign for VR. The iconic stone men of Helsinki Railway Station wore Kiss-masks in order to celebrate the visit of the legendary band. When your childhood favourite band says your work is ‘cool’, you take their word for it.