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Taneli Mattelmäki is a Senior Partner at TBWA\Helsinki. Taneli started his career at TBWA in 2007 and currently works as the Vice President. He is also a member of TBWA\Helsinki’s executive board.

At TBWA, the versatility and meaningfulness of work inspires Taneli. It is not only about advertisements, but about creating value through a company’s position, its core values and PR. According to Taneli, the best marketing strategies involve company ideology and customer understanding. The holistic experience of the brand is only created through focusing on the customer and meeting them in the right environment. If a company wants to share its values with the customer, it needs to create content that can be felt to the core.

Excitement and curiosity drive Taneli forward in his work. He says that these qualities are visible throughout the whole TBWA community, where the level of ambition is higher than ever.