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Sami Tikkanen is the CEO, Chairman of the Board, and Partner at TBWA\Helsinki. Sami has worked in managerial capacity at TBWA for over a decade and his contribution has been significant in steering the agency towards its current position in the field: the most internationally awarded advertising agency in Finland.

Sami has worked with leading Finnish and international corporations for almost 25 years. Most important themes to his work have always been internationality, strategic marketing, digitalization, management of change and profitability. In agency life, the most inspirational aspects for Sami are the varying nature of the work, the combination of strategic and hands-on tasks, a creative atmosphere and great colleagues.

The success of TBWA\Helsinki is built on a disruptive approach to marketing with a combination of storytelling and creative use of tech and data. The agency mantra, “Marketing at the Speed of Culture”, challenges traditional ways of working and interacting with clients. This new way of thinking has led TBWA\Helsinki to become the leading agency in Finland as well as a special actor in the global TBWA network. New ways of doing also create a need for new business models. And that, if something, sets Sami on fire.