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Paula Sonne

Head of Communications

Paula Sonne is the Head of Communications at TBWA\Helsinki. She leads the communications department and is a member of TBWA\Helsinki’s management team. Before joining TBWA, Paula worked for seven years at the strategic communications agency Hill+Knowlton, focusing on B2B and corporate communications. During those years, she learned to appreciate a solid strategy, data and proof-points. She also came to realize that emotions are not the enemy of reason – they are its companion.

Paula enjoys the special ability of TBWA organization to turn disorder into rationality; to delve deep into creative chaos and come out with an idea that's both brilliant and emotional. Here again logic and emotion work best when tied together.

As a leader Paula believes in empathy and building mutual understanding – there are hardly things in the world that are just black and white. There should always be room for confusion, questions, different views and dialogue. These values are tested in practice every day with her two best teachers at home, who are both young and brilliantly challenging.