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Mikko Halonen

Creative Director

Mikko Halonen is a Creative Director at TBWA\Helsinki. Besides his creative work, Mikko’s job is to ensure that TBWA’s design expertise reaches its full potential.

TBWA is known for its innovative take on hot topics and strategic thinking. All that is based on a wide range of remarkable knowledge and know-how. According to Mikko, excellent design has the ability to make itself invisible. For the masses, the charm may remain a mystery while it provides an endless amount of layers for a more niche audience interested in the subject.

Mikko has worked in advertising and visual design for almost 20 years. Even for an experienced professional the industry still feels fresh and interesting. Mikko is “more of a doer than a fan” both at work and in his freetime. Instead of focusing on former success he concentrates on coming up with new ideas and developing his skills continuously. The most successful moments he describes as a “click” in his head, when, after a long process, an idea or execution falls perfectly into place .

Mikko’s ability to find order in the middle of chaos and his confidence in his own work have helped him refine various campaigns to top notch executions. Honesty towards himself and others helps Mikko retain authenticity in his work.