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Miika Luoma coordinates media and audience design at TBWA\Helsinki. Before starting at TBWA at the beginning of 2018, Miika worked in data-based media design, focusing especially on digital marketing.

Using data for even more accurate targeting in advertising is now easier than ever, but the data is often only utilized by media agencies. With Miika’s expertise, the gathered data can be utilized by the skill set of TBWA’s insights and Disruption® live team to achieve better audience design.

Miika believes that creating influential content requires insightful use of data. The recipe for successful brand marketing takes advantage of the current topics and links them to the work of the company in an understandable way. With the help of data it is also possible to create more personalized content for smaller target audiences, on channels they relate to.

At the moment, Miika is planning to start skateboarding again. It has been a dear hobby for him since his younger years. Skateboarding does not require obeying rules – one can just enjoy the freedom of self-expression. The same ingredients form the basis for influential marketing design.