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Markus Nieminen was appointed as the Content Director and Creative Director of TBWA\Helsinki in 2017. Markus’ area of responsibility is leading and developing the data and insight team Disruption® live.

Markus has spent  nearly two decades in the advertising industry. Before starting at TBWA, Markus was an entrepreneur for seven years, working for an advertising agency that he also helped co-found. Markus specializes in digital marketing environments and innovations. One of his main goals is internationalizing Finnish brands by means of advanced and holistic business planning.

Markus’ greatest inspiration is how creativity can help build business and solve problems in advertising. At its best, the daily work of an advertising agency can improve the success and profit of the client and on that note also have a positive effect on the wellbeing of employees of the organization. After office hours, Markus applies his expertise in pro bono work for NGOs.