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Maria Kuutsa

Head of Social & Content

Maria Kuutsa is the head of Social & Content at TBWA\Helsinki. Before joining TBWA in 2018, she learned her craft by working in different social media and media agencies. Over a decade of experience has taught her to master all things social, ranging from content production to content strategy and creative planning.

Maria finds the dynamic nature of digital and social marketing to perfectly suit her strengths. The rules are always changing, which is both challenging and rewarding. Working with social media also gives her the perfect excuse to spend too much time on TikTok: if it's for work, it's not so bad.

To balance the dynamic work life, Maria enjoys yoga, pilates, reading and hiking in nature with two dogs. As an out-going person, she also finds immense joy from being around friends and loved ones – preferably combined with good food and an ice-cold rosé on a sunny day.

Maria is a big advocate of humane leadership. In an environment that values equality and empathy, people can make extraordinary work.