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Marco Mäkinen is the Executive Vice President and Strategist at TBWA\Helsinki. Having worked at TBWA\Helsinki already before, Marco returned in 2012, lured by the international atmosphere of the office. An advertising agency needs to have versatile and global know-how when it comes to creating the best marketing in the world.

For many advertising and marketing professionals, Marco Mäkinen is a concept in himself. Marco is so passionate about his work, that in addition to office hours, it takes up most of his spare time. Among other things, Marco finds inspiration for new projects and emerging strategies , from the surrounding culture. Knowing that, it makes perfect sense that his goal is to, for example, read approximately 300 books – a year .

Marco's love for marketing is also reflected in his work. He is not interested in the surface, but looks for a deeper purpose within the client. Trends come and go, but brand values are permanent ., At its best, a company is like a lighthouse that inspires others by example, and attracts clients and employees around it, he says . The key is to boldly and transparently represent one’s own values.

What inspires Marco most in marketing, are the people. In reality, audiences rarely behave the way they are expected to. Marco believes that marketing is most rewarding, when it is focused on current matters, being reactive, and connecting with people. Good marketing communication lets the audience choose the companies they relate to, and share a similar mindset and values with. When companies and people action their ideologies, the world changes.