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Laura Paikkari is a Creative Director at TBWA\Helsinki. Laura has worked at TBWA since 2011 and has made a long career as a copywriter and creative.

To Laura, one of the most important aspect in work community is interaction. In creative work, it is vital that everyone has the ability to influence, regardless of their position. Everyone can speak up. And every employee should be given the freedom to walk their own path in order to flourish.

Over the years, TBWA has gained universal recognition and won a staggering number of awards. Laura thinks it is because of the passion that the people in the company share. And she thinks that the current combination of people with such a huge variety of skills and backgrounds also creates an accepting and relaxed atmosphere.

In addition to creating client work, Laura has recently been co-creating a collective called Disruptive Women to drive diversity within the agency and the industry in Finland.

At home, Laura makes music with her family. Laura’s young son is an enthusiastic troubadour, who encourages also other family members to channel their inner rock star, whether the instrument available should happen to be a broom, ukulele or a table top. With a creative mind, anything is possible.