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Jyrki Poutanen

Chief Creative Officer

Jyrki Poutanen is the Chief Creative Officer, who works as the superior of the six Creative Directors and is in charge of the creative work produced at TBWA\Helsinki. Jyrki also represents TBWA\Helsinki in the global representative body of TBWA. Jyrki, who first started as an Executive Creative Director at TBWA in August 2016, has “marinated himself in marketing” throughout his life. His spark for storytelling and the arts was born early on and grew stronger during the years he spent studying commercial arts in the United States. After returning to Finland, Jyrki continued with marketing and communication studies in Turku Arts Academy.

Jyrki believes that at its best, marketing, due to its wide coverage and visibility, is a perfect way to change the world for the better. It can motivate audiences towards, say, more sustainable choices and tolerant behaviour. According to Jyrki, marketing should always spark an opinion in the receiver, not necessarily via provocation, but through emotion, discovery and stimulation of intellect.

To Jyrki, the best thing at TBWA\Helsinki is the versatility and flexibility of its capabilities. Whilst the agency has a wide range of top notch in-house expertise, creative and design talent, data and production specialists etc., it has become accustomed that most of the successful work and campaigns are composed together, in close cooperation, with clients. TBWA\Helsinki's wide skill set allows the agency to continuously evolve to answer the ever-changing marketing needs. We're "always in beta", he says.

Jyrki confesses being a movie and comics freak. He admits that while watching in awe his childhood heroes being brought to life by DC and Marvel Studios, he's also admiring the business side of it all. Jyrki considers them great examples of companies and brands, that execute great storytelling  – the kind that is loyal to their origins – while still pursuing a business strategy and continuation in the background. They're an inspiration for us working in marketing and constantly looking to create something incredible.