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Juhana Hokkanen is the Head of Creative Technology at TBWA\Helsinki. Juhana works with innovative and modern technologies to create marketing stories and concepts. He is also in charge of the new Innovation Lab at our office. Juhana has been involved in many success stories at TBWA\Helsinki such as the Nissan Controller, Neste Educycle and Paulig Muki.

In his work, Juhana doesn’t go for ready-made solutions. Instead he would much rather find himself in a situation where one has to think in a completely new way. The world is constantly changing and the amount of new technology to use for marketing is growing fast. In the future Juhana’s target is to find new ways of more immersive storytelling and storydoing through new technologies. With the use of new technologies, it’s possible for the audience to get even closer to the brand and the story being told.

According to Juhana, the strength of TBWA is the open-minded attitude towards everything new. The teams welcome even the craziest of ideas and get to work instead of first thinking about the obstacles. There is plenty of problems with every idea if that’s all you look for. But by digging a bit deeper it’s also possible to find solutions.