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Heidi Haila

Account Director and Business Partner

Heidi Haila is an Account Director and Business Partner at TBWA\Helsinki. Heidi is in charge of B2B customers and a member of the company board. In addition, she runs “TBWA\WestCoast”, spending part of the week at our Turku quarters.

Heidi’s expertise includes developing the customers’ marketing in the long run, all the way from strategy and creative planning to single marketing acts. The TBWA Disruption® ideology challenges both the agency and the customer to think outside the box, which really inspires Heidi. to succeed, the customer has to have the courage to break conventions and  stand out in their field by doing things in a new way.

In B2B marketing it takes time for success to turn into revenue. That highlights the importance of perseverance and trusting in one’s own plan. Instead of creating wow-effects Heidi is focused on combining the most effective marketing tools, such as long-term strategy and insightful storytelling.

As a national-level rider in dressage, Heidi spends most of her freetime horse riding and coaching. Restaurant marketing is also an important pastime, as Heidi’s husband owns a Mediterranean restaurant in Turku.