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Erno Reinikainen is a Creative Director at TBWA\Helsinki, and responsible for Nokian Tyres, Nissan and Helsingin Sanomat. Erno has a wide range of experience from working on visual assignments as a freelancer and through office work.

To Erno, the best parts of his job are an open and creative work culture as well as an inspiring atmosphere. Paying attention to others and appreciating each others’ work is vital in a company that lives on creativity. It is meaningful for  Erno to be able to make an impact on the society through brand behaviour and acts. On the other hand, marketing does not always have to be about saving the world – sometimes it’ss okay to just focus on entertainment. In advertising, Erno appreciates courage, a dose of anarchism with a touch of good taste, and breaking the norms without fear of failure.

Outside office hours, Erno’s young daughter keeps  him busy. In addition to family life and a career in advertising, creating music has been an important project to Erno for many years.