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Anna Masalin

Head of Operations

Anna Masalin works as the Head of Operations at TBWA\Helsinki’s Telia team. She is the strategic and managerial lead of the 20 employees, who work at the client organization’s premises.

Digitality is a prominent factor in the daily work of the Telia team, but also throughout Anna’s career. The most important resource to Anna are, nevertheless, the people. As an executive, she is inspired by her team, that embodies diverse skills and know-how. The team members also teach Anna something new every day. In addition to the innovative atmosphere at work, TBWA’s relaxed and open organizational culture help the team to maintain high motivation. The best creative concepts are so much more, than the sum of their creators.

Working at the customer’s office makes everyday communication easier, and helps getting to the core of the challenges the team is working on. For the customer, an innovative team is a resource that helps in moving forward in terms of business.